About Hands Designs

What we do first and foremost is about the kids that we support in Thailand. It’s why we exist, it’s why we get out of bed each day and it’s why we take the innovative approach in what we do. Our commitment to the kids is to support them long term and just relying on donations and generosity is not enough.

We made the decision to do things differently in 2011 when we established a social enterprise that today is known as Hands Group. We established Hands Group because back in 2011 when we set it up we were aware that our donors liked the fact we didn’t spend any of their money on administration or fundraising.

We listened to them and wanted to future proof the fact that 100% of donor’s funds go to the kids and communities we support. That was then and it remains so now. We are approaching $25m raised since we started and we are changing and saving lives of that there is no doubt.

The success of Hands Group directly correlates to the level and standard of care we can provide the children. We’ve always said food and shelter is not enough, our success is measured around the opportunities they have when it comes time to leave and we are successful if they have a life of choice rather than chance. When we talk about the importance of Hands Group, the heartbeat of that is Hands Designs. Starting in 2012, our Corporate Merchandise and Hands Fashion was a way of reducing the reliance on donations, generating income and importantly work opportunities for the local community and the very kids we support.

Hands Designs is more than just the product you see today. It is a story of opportunity and choice. It is a story of chasing dreams and blue skies. It is a story of kindness and compassion. Through the sale of functional corporate merchandise, beautiful resort wear and traditional craft items, Hands Designs empowers our kids and women in the Khao Lak area and beyond.

We are not only producing ethically corporate merchandise and clothes but also providing education, skills training and employment opportunities for those in our homes and the local community